Jos Trotteyn

Catalogue, colourprint


   Catalogue, format 29cm x 21 cm     80 pages

   This catalogue describes 1070 numbered paintings, the authenticity of which is certain and which I was able to photograph between 2013 and 2021. However, Jos Trotteyn’s total output is much more than that. Any owners of one or more paintings by Jos Trotteyn who would like these to be included in the next edition of this comprehensive catalogue are kindly requested to contact me.

Having successfully completed his studies at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Ghent (1923-1932), Jos Trotteyn started, in 1932, to teach about raw materials as well as decorative painting at the Domien Steurbaut, a private academy in Ghent whose aim was to develop craftsmanship amongst house painters and decorators. This school, which was originally established in Kongostraat, was subsequently transferred to Lange Steenstraat. Jos became its head teacher and lived at the same address with his family. In 1952 the school, studio and family all moved to Grauwpoort (at present numbers 11 to 15).

Between 1939 and 1947 his style evolved from pure realism to a rather more symbolic imagery. Given the excellence of his craft he became increasingly involved in the restoration and conservation of both church imagery in Ghent and numerous private collections, thereby greatly hampering his own artistic development. However, the need to study and examine the many paintings he had to deal with reinforced his decision to opt for a formal classical way of expressing himself in his paintings.

In 1967, when he was 57, Trotteyn started exhibiting again; he displayed highly coloured symbolic and surrealistic paintings, executed in bold brush strokes. A monograph by Jos Murez was published on the occasion of Trotteyn’s 60 th birthday and many exhibitions of his oeuvre were subsequently organised in the main Flemish cities. His 70 th birthday in 1980 was celebrated with an exhibition at the Galerij Vyncke-Van Eyck, and he also received an official award for merit from the City of Ghent.

Untrammelled by any commissions from patrons, Jos Trotteyn was at his most creative between 1975 and 1992, when he could express himself in all possible forms and colours, thereby drawing from his long experience and uncurbed fantasy. He finished his last work and put his paint brush down for good in January 1993, after which he was still able to enjoy the fruits of his output for another 9 years. Jos Trotteyn died in early 2002 after a short stay in hospital and in a care home.

Exhibitions : 1939, 1941 : Ghent, Zaal Pan, Korte Meer
1943 : Ghent, Galerij Parthenon, Keizer Karelstraat
1945 : Aalst, Belfort
1967 : Ghent, St Baafsgalerij
1968 : St.-Martens-Latem, Galerij Pieters
1968 : Blankenberge, at the invitation of the Burgomaster
1968 : The Hague (The Netherlands), Beneluxhuis
1970, 1972 : Ghent, Galerij Vyncke – Van Eyck
1970 : Deurle, Museum Leon De Smet
1971 : Veurne, on the recommendation of Paul Delvaux
1973 : Malines, Cultureel Centrum Antoon Spinoy
1974 : Ostend, Kursaal
1980 : Ghent, Galerij Vyncke – Van Eyck
2004 : Nederzwalm, Galerij Den Doeyer
2013 : Ghent, Brouwerij Caermersklooster

Group exhibitions in, amongst others,
Ghent, Merelbeke, St.-Martens-Latem, Oudenaarde, Kapel Campo Santo
1977 : Lisbon (Portugal), Cultural Mission
1989 : Ghent, Lineart

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